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Investra's portfolio is a testament to diversity and potential

From AI-driven start-ups revolutionizing healthcare to green tech solutions combatting climate change, we have strategically positioned ourselves across various industries.


With an industry-envied IRR, Investra stands at the forefront of tech investment

Our Approach

With an average IRR of 27%, Investra continues to showcase its strategic excellence and astute decision-making in the competitive realm of tech.

Achieving a strong IRR, Investra reaffirms its market prowess, consistently capitalizing on tech innovations poised for exponential growth.

27 % IRR

Investra stands at the forefront of tech investment, turning bold, forward-thinking investment strategies into lucrative realities that shape the future

IRR = Internal Rate of Return

Our methodology is an amalgamation of industry insight and a creative touch.

We're not looking for mere opportunities; we seek out the revolutionary, those ideas that shake the very ground they stand upon. This approach extends through every stage of our partnership, ensuring that we're not just investors but dedicated allies.


Focused on stable, established tech firms, aiming for consistent returns and long-term capital preservation.

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Risk Profile
Tech companies
Cash Yield
4%-7% Annually


Mixes investments in secure tech entities and promising upstarts, seeking a middle ground between risk and reward.

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Risk Profile
Mid-stage startups
Cash Yield
8%-12% Annually


Targets high-potential, early-stage tech ventures, prioritizing substantial growth despite higher risk exposure.

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Risk Profile
Market disruptors
Cash Yield
Potential for 15%+

Figures of Success

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Meet the Team

In our commitment to transparency and guidance, we've compiled a concise, informative FAQ section to address your most pressing questions about Investra's investment philosophy.

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Max Hart
Chief Financial Officer
Lila Dawson
Sustainability Advisor
Zoe Carpenter
Research Director
Tara Simmons
Head of Investor Relations
Maya Schwartz
Lead Data Analyst
Oscar Nguyen
Technology Sector Specialist
Leo Vargas
Head of Risk Management
Elliot Ramírez
Portfolio Manager
Natalie Reed
Investment Strategist

Navigating your successful investment journey with Investra

In our commitment to transparency and guidance, we've compiled a concise, informative FAQ section to address your most pressing questions about Investra's investment philosophy.

What kind of technology companies does Investra invest in

Investra specializes in a diverse range of technology sectors, including but not limited to, information technology, fintech, healthtech, greentech, and artificial intelligence. We focus on companies with unique value propositions, strong market potential, and dynamic growth perspectives.

How does Investra assess potential investment opportunities?

Our team conducts comprehensive due diligence that includes analyzing the company's financials, market position, competitive advantage, product viability, management team, and potential risks and returns. We employ both quantitative methods and qualitative analysis to ensure a thorough evaluation.

What is Investra's average Internal Rate of Return (IRR)?

Investra proudly holds an average IRR of 27%, a testament to our strategic investment choices in the high-potential technology market, balancing risks effectively while maximizing returns for our investors.

How does Investra mitigate investment risks?

Risk management is integral to our investment philosophy. We mitigate risks through diverse portfolio allocation, rigorous pre-investment analysis, ongoing market review, and by maintaining a balanced portfolio of companies at different growth stages.

Does Investra participate in the management of companies?

While respecting the autonomy of the innovative companies we partner with, we believe in active engagement and often participate at various levels, offering our expertise, networking resources, and strategic guidance to foster growth.

How long does Investra hold its investments in companies?

Our investment hold periods vary based on individual company strategy, market conditions, and investment structure. However, we typically engage in medium to long-term investments, seeking to maximize value creation over time.

Can individual investors participate in Investra's investment funds?

Investra primarily works with institutional and accredited investors. However, we also accommodate individual investors who meet specific regulatory financial thresholds. We recommend contacting us directly for more detailed information and eligibility criteria.

What makes Investra different from other technology investment firms?

Investra combines deep industry knowledge, an innovative approach to market analysis, and a visionary outlook on technology trends. Our unique blend of expertise allows us to identify and capitalize on opportunities that drive exceptional returns.

How does Investra contribute to the growth and development?

Beyond financial investment, we empower our portfolio companies with strategic mentorship, access to industry networks, operational support, and market expansion strategies, ensuring they are well-positioned for sustained growth.

How can a company seek investment from Investra?

Companies looking for investment can initiate the process by submitting a detailed business proposal through our website's contact form. Our team reviews every submission diligently, and promising ventures that align with our investment criteria will be contacted for further discussions.

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